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Land of the long city.

Not even in the cultural center of Darapur will you find roads as fine as these. Burim is the city of cities. Any service you want, and food you can imagine, you can find it in the Long City - if you can afford it.   Skyfish are the core of the city diet and most people live within a few minutes walk of the edge of the island. Boiled, seared, fried, battered, stewed, or raw, you can eat fish any way you want in Burim.
— Belira, Life in the Long city

Burim Before Burim

Burim looks very different in the present than it did in the past, transformed first by the Time of Darkness and later by the hands of its inhabitants. People have long inhabited the region mostly in small isolated communities spread along the skyshore. These early inhabitants were not known for long travels and are described in old stories as being insular and hostile toward outsiders.   There were once many stories of fae encounters in the region with the fae often being mischevious - but rarely dangerous - towards people. Now, there are fewer stories of strange encounters in Burim than any other nation of Breharan.

The Devouring City

When a young Ameteii Burim was shamed from Darapur for opposing certain language in the founding documents he left for the small towns of Burim where he would work his way into power and eventually establish Burim City.   Many of the forests of Burim were cut down to build and expand the city. Most of the small villages - formerly isolated by the forests - were consumed by the growing city and incorporated into it.   Reports in recent years even indicate that the skyfish population that feeds the city is beginning to diminish.

The Mud Pools

An area containing large seasonal lakes was uninhabited for much of the history of Burim. The plants that grow there contain little in the way of nutrition or grow poorly, there are few animals aside from small birds and lungfish. Water only pools in the lakes when it rains otherwise they are pits of mud.   With the increasing costs of living in Burim City and the increased enforcement on the poor and homeless more and more people are being forced out and choosing to travel to the mud pools and live the life of the Muck Drudgers.

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Pit Mining

After the end of the Time of Darkness a large swath of land was washed away and what soil remained was tinged orange and red. Beneath was a source of iron which has since been developed into an open pit mine. While prone to flooding during rains the mine is emptied with a series of water screws which can be used to elevate the water out of the pit.
"First the trees, then the fish, next the stone. All they do is take, take, take.   What will we do when they dig all the way through the island? Jump into the storm below?"


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