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City of scholars and explorers.

The rivers are the most important part of the lives of the people of Zinato but that doesn't hold true in Darapur, a city with plentiful resources - and water, the river still is important. But here in the academic, cultural, and mercantile capital of the entire continent of Breharan they have something more important than the river.   They have inspiration.
— Kayid Zidi, Darapur, a Newcomer's Guide

The Founding of Darapur

When the great storms of the Time of Darkness dissipated and light returned to Breharan the region near the edge of the island became much more stable as the river calmed. Within a few years, the location became home to a small bridge and the fastest route to transport goods between Burim and Grara. The first building built in the area was the Bridgewater Inn.   It didn't take long for many more buildings to be constructed along the sides of the river. Among the first were wandering tradespeople who settled in the region and made a living by fixing the carts of merchants, repairing horseshoes, and similar tasks. Eventually these first few people fell in love and families began to live in the place that came to be known as Darapur.

The Great Dam

There have been two dams constructed along Veisapur - the life-river to the people of Zinato. The first smaller dam was built further up the river and completed during the dry summer of 102 RB. This dam is what enabled the construction of the Great Dam of Darapur at the island's edge.   The presence of the Great Dam allowed the city to flourish during dry spells because of the big reservoir it created. There have been problems in some years where the water in the reservoir had become unsafe and the decision was made to let it all run out before filling it anew.

A Center of Education

Among the first structures in the early years of Darapur was a house owned by a well-versed woman named Afrah Aza. This house became a library and by the year 27 RB it had become a place that parents would send their children to recieve an education while they were busy working. Some of these children and Afrah would create the first educational institution that was accessible by everyone, Jamaira.

Mapping the Skies

Darapur is the location at which the Time of Rebuilding ended and the Time of Exploration began with the launch of the first skyship, Harani. This first flight was a cultural and scientific milestone in the history of Breharan and the reports of what was found on this - and successive - missions would become the most popular thing to talk about.   With this exploration-fever the Cartographer's Guild began to create maps of the skies and even maps that were not particularly accurate but evoked feelings in the people viewing them. It is said that every house in Darapur has a map on a wall.

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The First Skyship

It is from the skydocks of Darapur that the first skyship set sail into the unknown.
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One who travels.

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