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A place where to sleep near the bridge over the river that flows into the sky.

What is in a name? To those of you who are not native to the language of Darapur, it may be difficult to understand the names of our places. The oldest building in town has a particularly complicated name. It is Furearilsiccokivaribikoviskushussila. It means: A place (fure) where to (aril) sleep (sicco) near (ki) the bridge (varibi) over (ko) the water (vis) that flows into (kush) the sky (ussila).
— Kayid Zidi, Darapur, a Newcomer's Guide

Construction and Reconstruction

"They say that not one original beam is left in that building."
The Bridgewater Inn - as it is commonly called - was the first building constructed in what is now the bustling city of Darapur. It has been added on to, damaged, and repaired much in the over 200 years that it has been in operation.   In its original state it was a simple one-story building made of wooden beams from the forest that used to inhabit the area. The first addition to the inn was the stables since many of the merchants passing by were using horse-drawn carts. As business increased and the town began to grow, a second floor was added to accomodate additional travelers. With the additional accomodations came additional staff to keep the place clean so new staff rooms were built.   In 126 RB, the building caught fire during a prolonged dry season. The response to the fire was too slow to save the majority of the structure and it was deemed irreperable. However, the business had been doing very well and they were able to build a new inn on the land, this time out of brick. Aside from a few replacements to damaged bricks, it is the same structure that in the present.

The Inn Where People Go to Flow Into the Sky

"It was here that Darosi first met the brave woman that would captain the Harani on their extraordinary journey."
Since this is where Darosi and Ryza stayed before their first voyage and during their few returns to Breharan, it has become a tradition for all skysailors to stop in for a drink before heading out on their vessels. The inn has embraced this tradition and works with local brewers to gather the immense amounts of alcohol required for the brave souls who fly on the winds.

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