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Language of the Zinato region.

"Parankush is a descriptive way of speaking. Things, names, places, all are described by the words. The word parankush itself means 'thoughts that flow'. Even in their description of language, the importance of rivers is there."

The Language of the River

"Our language affects the way we think. When we have some words but not others, it changes how we are able to conceptualize things. In Bral, things move. In the Orthlands, things blow. And here in Zinato, things flow."
In Zinato, rivers have always been an important part of the lives of the people because of this, the language often makes reference to the way that the rivers flow or to the sound of water. A common greeting is translated as "How flows the time?" - a phrase that doesn't translate well - which reveals how the passage of time is conceptualized like the flow of water.

Putting it Together

The most common way to name a place using Parankush is to describe that place. While most names stay quite simple, sometimes a place like (Furearil...) ends up with a very big name. More often the name is short like (Darapur) which means big river city or the big city by the river. The smaller words are usually left out of names.

Describing by Region

There is an order in which things are described in parankush but it varies regionally. In the more forested mountainside region of Zinato, light and color come before size, while in all other regions size is the first descriptir.

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The Land of Rivers

Parankush is a language that can only be the result of the place where the people that speak it live.
Geographic Location | Jul 2, 2023

The land of rivers.


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