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Welcome to the Endless Sky!

What is Linebound?

A new age of exporation has come as the first skyships set sail on the open skies. The maps grow larger and yet the world never gets smaller.
Many fantastic things wait on the skies but what do these discoveries mean for the people back home? Progress and stability or plague and war?
Will you toil at home or fly through the clouds? Are you exploring like the great adventurers that came before or running from something?

How do I explore it?

"With a skyship silly!"
If you are a veteran Anvilite, you can scroll straight down to the World Codex and explore however you want. Just be wary of what lurks below the Floor.
If you're not you could do that too but maybe consider reading this page until you find and press the big button that reads 'Embark!'.

You stand at the edge of the ship, your knuckles white from gripping the taffrail. You are drenched from the rain and your breath is visible. The thunder booms from the dark clouds below drowning out the sound of the other refugees aboard the Barle.   The wooden ship jolts as it begins to move, you grasp the wet rail harder but it is no use and you fall onto the deck. You stand up but look down. The last view of your home before it drifts into the unending storm below never to surface again. This is the lowest point in your life - you feel that in your core - and it seems to go on forever. But then...   The ship shakes one last time as it escapes the Floor. You look up. The ever-present light is blinding after staring into the roiling storm below. You feel something inside. Hope.