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Merchant's Quarter

Formerly the village of Urpara.

Many, many, years ago there was a village named Urpara not far from a sizable town known as Darapur. This is not the bustling hub of Darapur that we know today but a city yet to come to greatness.   On its way to becoming the largest city in history it stole the inhabitants of Urpara. Not one at a time, not during storms, but by the dozen and by the hundred in the unending light until no one remained. A village inhabited only by the voices of the winds.
— Raelin, The Fate of Urpara


The Merchant's Quarter is the second wealthiest region of Darapur and contains many people of the area's namesake. This is in stark contrast to the near-impoverished people who lived in Urpara - the people who left for the city to improve their lives.


The quarter is infamous for paved roads which allow the easy transport of goods and customers through the - often narrow - streets.


The village of Urpara had an estimated 800 inhabitants before the exodus. Several years of bad harvests reduced the food supplies to nearly nothing and the coffers were emptier than their stomachs. The people fled to nearby Darapur in search of a way to feed themselves and their families. Within a season, Urpara was completely abandoned.   Many years later as Darapur grew it's borders reached the former village. The land was a bit overgrown but still clearer than the forests in the other directions it expanded. This made the location perfect for building. Buildings were erected, additional levels were added, and it just kept growing until becoming what it is now. People moved out to the quarter from the inner parts of the city, much of which was being taken over by the growing trade industry. Space in the formerly-poor region was then at a premium and remains there to the present.

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