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The University of Darapur

"I was lucky to be able to go to Darapur to study but I wasn't prepared for what I saw. A building that must have been half the size of my village dedicated to learning. Everywhere I turned scholars were talking to each other about topics I had only dreamed of. But there was nothing like what I saw in the main building. There were not hundreds but thousands of volumes filling shelves that stretch far beyond my reach. I didn't want anyone to know I was from a small village but my mask broke upon seeing the library and anyone who saw me would have known."


The school is run by the Jamray who is in charge of major decisions about the university. Each department has it's own department head who is responsible for managing the classes and research within their respective departments. There are also the professors and resident scholars as well as a large amount of support staff, including librariansconservatorscraftsmen, groundskeepers, and caretakers.

Public Agenda

The goal of Jamaira is to educate people, preserve knowledge, and advance scientific and cultural knowledge for all.


In addition to the large campus the university also has a lot of wealth and political influence.


Jamaira was founded officially in 27RB but was already operating since shortly before the end of the Time of Darkness. The first few years were slow, the organization was only a library at the time and was having trouble finding any texts at all. The founder Afrah Aza began to write her own books dictating measurements of forces. Her friends, and future professors, each added to the library their own works in the fields of language, art, engineering, and alchemy.   In 23RB a noble family wished for their child to be educated by the library and paid them to provide the education. By 27RB many noble families and some merchant families had put 62 children to be taught by the library. The first student had asked the government to declare the library the first institution of higher learning and to the surprise of the library staff, on the 42nd day of Fall in 27RB, they were declared the first university.

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Teach and preserve.

Founding Date
42 Fall, 27RB
Educational, University
Alternative Names
University of Darapur
Jamairan Scholar
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members


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