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The river of lifetimes.

I have traveled many seasons - many years - across the skies on my journeys and I have seen many things I could never have thought of before. I have seen the golden curtain stretch as far as the eye could see, I have shared a meal with a lizardfolk chieftan twice my height, and I have felt the sands of deserts larger than all of Breharan. But never in my travels have I ever seen a river the size, strength, or of the same importance as Veisapur.
— Darosi, Journal No. 5

A River for the Living...

Many people of the Zinato Region spend their lives on or along the river. From the drifters who live on it to the people who fish for a living or those who transport goods along it, one cannot live in Zinato without the benefits of this river - veisa is the parankush word for life afterall.   The river is the easiest way to move goods downriver to Darapur, upriver to Soksu, and from there up the smaller rivers that feed into Veisapur. Heavy goods such as quarried stone and lumber are as likely to be seen along the river as artisan goods and travelers.  

...And the Dead

It is believed by many that when life ends they will be carried up the great river by Ceslovas and when they reach the end, they will be reborn - don't bring many things with you to the afterlife or you will travel slowly or even sink.  

The Engineer and the Curse of the Sky

"For a long time we were subject to the curse that ails all the skies - the ineveitability that water will run off the edge of our island and be lost to the skies. Then one person found a solution, one that would stay in place for a long time. One that still stand at this moment. The Great Dam.
While the Great Dam of Darapur is not the largest feat of engineering on Breharan - that honour goes to the Unseen River of Grara - it is the most well known. The connection between Darapur, skyships, and the start of the Time of Exploration brings it into the cultural eye.   The dam allows for the control of the river flow, even to stop it during the drier seasons so as to not completely empty the river. This has resulted in a massive increase to the quality of life of people who live not only along Veisapur but also those who live along the tributaries as they are far less vulnerable to drought. In recent years, new issues have arrived including algae blooms and the effect of increasing polution as the waterflow approaches the edge of the skyisland.

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Bridgewater Inn

The inn commonly called Bridgewater was originally a small operation near a tiny bridge. This location is now the bussling city of Darapur and while there may not be an original beam left in the place, the inn is still there.
Building / Landmark | Jul 29, 2023

A place where to sleep near the bridge over the river that flows into the sky.


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