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"Welcome traveller to the city of Soksu. I, Mide, will be your guide. For only a small fee. I'm sure you will find it worth it. Very good, follow me then. A little way down the you'll find the largest trading hub on the river. Across that bridge you can see what will be the greatest theatre, they are always hard at work. Watch out! Don't go over there, I heard there have been several stabbings in the last few cycles. And that brings us to the market, the bread is always fresh but watch out for the preserves this time of season. That brings us to the end of the tour. A special bonus, just for you. If you find yourself talking to Emran, give him this token, he'll get something special for you."


The primary professions in Soksu are merchants and rafters. The city also possesses an unusally large percentage of skill laborers and craftsmen.


Soksu is run by a council of the leaders of major trading houses in the city.


The forest is thick around Soksu with few trails and no proper paths or roads.

Industry & Trade

The flow of goods and currency along the river keeps Soksu alive. Almost all of the cities produce is imported. The trading houses move goods between the upper and lower areas of Zinato. Raw materials are transported from all around and the craftsmen of Soksu transform these materials into quality goods that are used or exported.


Soksu has a developed riverside due to the unique shape of the river where the city is built. This area of slower moving water allowed for easy construction of docks.


Soksu was built over many years as it was an easy location to trade goods on the rivers. It grew in size as more and more goods were demanded by Chambui at the river's end.


Two rivers meet here and the resulting calm on either side makes a great place for docks.

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The Jewel Where River's Meet
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