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Ibhaka (a.k.a. The Recluse of Zayaat)

"I remember the first time I met Ibakha. They were sitting hunched over their desk madly scribbling away with a quill. They didn't notice I had entered the room for quite some time. Even after they did all they said was that they needed a new instrument. I have a feeling that they don't have many friends."   -Tamrid, Keeper of Zayaat Hall

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ibhaka possesses below average strength and fitness, their lifestyle and occupation are not physically demanding. The only other difference from an average Tengu is that their left leg is slightly shorter than their right.

Facial Features

A long, slender, and gently sloping beak draws the attention up its length to the azure eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

Ibhaka has dyed some of the long feathers on their head black creating a stark line on each side of their head.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ibhaka was born in the small village of Rioksu as the smallest of six to a farming household. Growing up they found friction with the expected gender roles in the area. Their aptitude for music manifested early in their life, they would quickly pick up songs and sing them. As they grew older, they became more self-conscious about their voice and stopped singing in front of others.   They began to create new songs good enough to gain the recognition of a local merchant who found them a job as a scribe so they could learn to read and to write. This gave them the idea to notate music so that they could share their new songs with more people. However, most people would not put in the time to learn to read the musical notation. This changed when Ibhaka met Arik Khatagi. He proposed a large group of musicians gathered together playing together and that their notation would facilitate it.

Gender Identity

Ibhaka presents as neither masculine or feminine but as a combination of both. This combination of elements is reflected in their compositions.


They have never expressed any interest in sexual activity.


They learned to read and write from their work as a scribe but developed their musical knowledge by themselves.


The first job Ibhaka worked was as an apprentice to a scribe copying texts. Between that time and being the resident composer for the Soksu Orchestra they wrote songs for Forgers of the Strewn Sky and individual musicians.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The first performance by the Soksu Orchestra was of a work written by Ibhaka. It was a success like they and Arik Khatagi had not anticipated and propelled the group to prominence in the region.

Failures & Embarrassments

When they first discovered they loved music, they tried to perform for their family and neighbors but froze up in front of the crowd barely managing a few words. Since that time they have avoided crowds and haven't performed music themselves.

Intellectual Characteristics

Synesthesia causes them to associate colours, smells, and tastes with sounds. This allows them to more easily recall music they have heard by using the sensations it generated in the different senses.

Morality & Philosophy

Ibhaka believes that people should live peacefully together but without giving up what makes them unique. They think that music is a universal language that can change the hearts and minds of others.


Will not title a musical work before the first performance, they believe it will be poorly received if they do.   Won't eat foods that mix together on a plate or in a bowl, prefering the items individually. Given the depth of their music and the blending of sounds and instruments this is unusual to others.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Ibhaka has many eccentricities least among them avoiding looking people in the eyes.


Social Aptitude

They do not present well to other people. Powerful introversion and overstimulation from synesthesia reduce confidence and presentation skills. In intimate settings with people the know they are much more comfortable.

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Current Location
Year of Birth
38 28 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Ibhaka was the smallest egg of the bunch and wasn't expected to hatch.
Aligned Organization


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