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One who travels.

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"Some things are what they look like to the eye. Others are more complicated. A ship is made of beams and planks and nails. What you can't see is the adventure it inspires in the hearts of people."

The First Skyship

The Harani was the first of its kind. A new way to travel the skies. One that could transport more people - and goods - further than riding on the back of a (ketzlat).   The construction of the ship was not simple and brought shipwrights all the way to (Darapur) from (Tamazee) but a ship of wood and nails alone cannot fly. That is where the (Machine Priests) come in to provide their engine - though they guard the secret of its operation with threats and force.

The First Flight

In the Spring of what would later be known as the first year of the (Time of Exploration) the Harani set upon the skies for the first time. This momentous occasion was the catalyst for a new era - ending the (Time of Rebuilding) - and creating a culture wildly different from the one that was before. At least in (Darapur), the people began to hang maps on their walls and tell stories of far-off places. This captured the imagination of adults but created a generation of children who have only ever known stories of great adventurers.   The Harani and her crew would spend many years sailing the skies and learning new things. They would become famous. The journals of their adventures would be published for all to read. Their escapades would be spoken around the dinner table. The (skydocks) would be full of people when she returned.   Until eventually, she didn't.

The Final Flight

Just over two decades into the Harani's service she disappeared - crew and all. The (skyship) missed a scheduled return to (Darapur) and was never heard from again.   More than fourty years later, sailors still report sightings of the missing ship but none are taken seriously.

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The Harani People

The name Harani means One Who Travels and comes from a people who have long been gone from (Breharan).
Ethnicity | Jun 14, 2023

Long-gone nomadic people.

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