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Nation of lake and sail.

"Let me help you up. First time on a sailing ship? Pretty obvious. What brings you all the way here? Business probably. Those your furs in the hold? It's been a poor year for furs up past the lakes, I think you will do well. Should use your funds to buy salt or saltfish, always sells well down in Burim when the winter is coming. That look on your face says I hit the nail on the head. I've ferried a lot of merchants across these waters. So, what did you want to say?"

Tamm and Zeed

The Geetan Archipelago used to be controlled by two groups - Tamm and Zeed. These small nations had few disagreements until the villages on the lakeside began to fish the waters more heavily pushing Tamm and Zeed to compete with each other for food. This led to a series of conflicts and loss of life until they signed the Agreement of Fishing Territories.

Where the Wind Fills the Sails...

Tamazee is known for producing the best boatbuilders - and shipwrights - around. Being the only nation on Breharan with bodies of water large enough for big vessels, it is the only place that produced people of such skill. These ships became the model for skyships and many shipbuilders left their home to move to the Darapur and the skyport there.

...And the Salt Fills the Hold

While skyships currently hold the minds of the people, the old waterbourne vessels of Tamazee are still busy shipping goods from the Salt Flats on one side of the nation to the neighboring nations on the other. Salt is found in few other places on the island and is very valuable. Preserved fish - dried, salted, or both - is also a big export for Tamazee as other nations seeks to fill their stores for the winter.

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The Fae of the Lake

The people of Tamazee have many stories about the strange creatures that live nearby. Unlike other regions where the fae have retreated as cities have expanded, Tamazee is an archipelago in a massive lake. With all that space that cannot be inhabited by the people, the others are free to live as they wish.   These lake-dwelling-fae are not pranksters as those that inhabited Burim in times gone by, nor are they as malicious as they are in Bral. They are good-natured and interested in people. They like to watch the people work and sail and they like to dance and sing. Be wary when the storms come for they become as dangerous as the waters.
Throw the lines and haul them in,
take the fish down to market,
sell them all for far too much,
and buy the golden ring.
— Traditional fishing song, first verse


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