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Mountainous cradle of empire.

From the tallest mountain to the widest river, there is no nation more beautiful than this. I have traveled from the grand gates of the Imperial Palace to the most rustic towns and seen everything Bral has to offer.   The ingenuity of people across these lands delights me to no end. Flood-resistant bridges, moving platforms suspended by cables, stone water channels, and much more. When I set out to perform this census over a year ago, I expected to record population, job, resource, and road coverage numbers. Now I have brought before you all that the people and lands of Bral have to offer.   A special thanks to the wise doctor who treated me when bitten by a poisonous creature. Only because of you has this job been completed.
— Ruya, Foreword to The First National Census

The Borders and the Pass

Before Bral was united by the first emperor the region was divided along rivers, treelines, hills, sky, and vague political boundaries between the different warring factions. The peoples of these regions had many more differences than after unification and centuries of imperial rule.   Now the limits of Bral are the mountains and skies that border it. One place - Tokai Pass - connects Bral to the rest of Breharan. Despite their military strength, the Bral Empire has never secured the pass and been able to expand into the lands beyond.

Sacred Mountains

Historically many of the peoples of Bral have had the mountains at the center of their beliefs. In the present, they represent the indomitable spirit of the Emperor for it is where Temur Dodai first tamed a ketzlat. Scholarly theories about how peoples - the skyfarers - reached Breharan threaten this story and the cultural power of the imperial family.

A Land of Giants

Lots of different creatures coexist on, around, and under Breharan but Bral has the highest concentration of large wildlife. Bears, wolves, and moose are all found in the lower regions while ketzlat are the undisputed masters of the mountains.

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Shaped by Wings

The locations in which people put down roots in Bral are dictated by the usual factors like resource availability but also by where the ketzlat hunt. It was never worth the effort to compete with or hunt the giant winged beasts each capable to eating an adult whole and injurying many with one sweep of a wing.   To avoid confrontations some regions of Bral have never been settled. Initiates seeking to join the Skyknights travel alone into these areas to steal an egg from which they raise their mount.

Bountiful Resources

Bral contains the largest known deposits of iron ever found on Breharan. Even the mines of Cliffside cannot compare to the metal deposits of the mountainous nation.
From our tow'ring mountains,
to our shim'ring waters,
and our rolling farmlands,
make this greatest nation.
— Traditional Bral Song

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