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Emperor of Bral

"A great honor and a great opportunity have been presented to me this day. I wish to thank my wonderful and brilliant mother, Enkhtuya, for her excellent work running the nation. Now the time has come for me to join the long line of great men, who I can only hope to equal. From this moment forward, I am the Emperor of Bral and together with your help we will lead the Empire to further greatness."   -Emperor Arslan Dodai


The title is passed down to the oldest son. There are no other specific requirements. Arslan Dodai was the youngest to become Emperor at only 15 years old.


The ceremony to become Emperor is held at the Imperial Palace. The ceremony is conducted by the Terunkhii, leader of the Skyknights.


It is the duty of the Emperor to protect Bral from threats, native and foreign.


The Emperor makes decisions regarding diplomatic, economic, social, and military policy.

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Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
In Bral, the Emperor holds power by controlling the military and through powerful nationalism.
Length of Term
An Emperor is an Emperor for life. Only after their death can a new Emperor take the throne.
First Holder
Current Holders
Past Holders


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