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Arslan Dodai

Emperor Arslan Dodai (a.k.a. The Bringer of Spring)

"My mother, Enkhtuya, has done much for this nation. Under her leadership she ensured that for every village there was a road, every river, a bridge, and every person, a job. We have the largest library of medical knowledge on these skies and have enjoyed decades of peace behind the Tokai mountains.   These are all great things for our nation but we are outgrowing our little corner of Breharan. Our cities crowd with the beautiful children of Bral and our once overflowing storehouses run low to fill their stomachs. We must secure our future beyond the pass on the rest of Breharan and out there on the many islands of the skies. Mourn the Empress now for when next we wake, we will take to the skies."
— Arslan Dodai, Excerpt from Enkhtuya's Memorial Ceremony

The Bringer of Spring

The young Emperor was born during a long and harsh winter. His father, Bolkhar Dodai, died during this winter. His birth melted the snows and shifted the winds bringing the long-awaited spring.   With no father to learn how to be Emperor from, Arslan learned from his mother, Enkhtuya who was serving as Emperor until her son came of age.

Imperial Upbringing

Arslan was taught the rules of etiquette, combat, oratory, and leadership by the most distinguished people in Bral. These lessons consumed most of the time of he had while growing up.   He was also taught to paint by his mother during the time they were able to spend together. Imperial portraits are normally made by the professionals in the palace but in the case of Enkhtuya, the memorial portrait of her hanging in the palace was painted by Arslan.

Ascent to the Throne

On the day of his fourteenth birthday Arslan took the Imperial Throne. He would still differ to advisors often and kept his mother - a much-adored leader in Bral - involved with the ruling of the nation until her death in the spring of 65EX.   He has ruled much like his mother for the decades past focusing on internal policy and the development of infrastructure and economy within Bral. Now in the year since his mother's passing, there are rumors of expansion once again.


Arslan is above average in height but not overly tall. Combat and physical training have honed an ethletic build. He has long black hair kept in a low ponytail for most events but worn in a bun for combat exercises. He has many different outfits, all of them impecably tailored by the tailors of the palace.

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Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
31 35 Years old
Long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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