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Bral Empire

Imperial nation seeking to expand.

"There is much that the other nations can learn from us, engineering, medicine, and more. My predecessors - and yours - have done a lot of hard work to build Bral into the nation it is today. However, the truth is that we are outgrowing our beloved land.   We need to learn from the other nations as well or we will fade into history as many before have done. We will acquire skyships and create our own colonies. Bral is a place in which we are but in each of us there is a piece of Bral and we will spread it across the skies."
— Emperor Arslan Dodai

By Wing and Spear

The Bral Empire was formed before the end of the Time of Darkness when Temur Dodai and his allies defeated the last resistance forces in Bral. The early parts of the unification went well for the future emperor with his allies standing steadfast beside him and his enemies unprepared for the sudden attacks on their territory. The offensive ground to a halt after several provinces allied against the empire and winter set in.   Come spring the imperial forces had a run of bad luck and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. Their marches through undeveloped lands drew the ire of fae who caused washouts, landslides, fires, and more to stop the advancing army. While this did slow the advance of the army for almost a year, it did not end well for the fae who were hunted and slaughtered by special military units.   This delay caused the final assault on the resistance forces to be a complete disaster. The extra time bought by their unknown allies allowed the defenders plenty of time to prepare. Temur Dodai engaged his enemy but his allies who were close behind were delayed by the heavy snows of an early winter. Temur was captured during the engagement and exiled into the frigid mountains to die.   The remaining imperial forces were on the verge of breaking and had seen many deserters after the news that their leader had been killed. When the crucial moment came the presumed-dead Temur flew in on the back of a ketzlat and took out the advancing resistance platoon before dismounting to challenge - and defeat - the enemy commander in single combat.

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The Imperial Court

The empire is run first and foremost by the emperor who makes all of the biggest decisions and holds all of the military power of the nation. Bral is divided into provinces and each is governed by one of the imperial families - the heads of which form the Imperial Court.   The powers of provincial governance are vast but can be unilaterally overruled by the emperor so each of the imperial families tries to follow the will of the emperor - at least publically.

Empress Enkhtuya

Enkhtuya Dodai was the ruler of the empire for many years before her son Arslan - the current emperor - came of age. She was very popular among the people for the improvements she made to the nation through the Imperial Infrastructure Initiative.   Even now, after Arslan has been the ruler for over two decades and after her death almost one year ago, her influence is strongly felt in the lands of Bral.


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