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Skyknights of Bral

The Emperor's finest.

The Flying Knights

At any given time there are 76 knights serving in the organization. They are grouped into wings, each of which contains seven members. Six serve in a special wing led directly by the Emperor.

Resources and Support

This small group of warriors has a large amount of support personel. There are bases throughout Bral where any Skyknight can go for rest, equipment, treatment, and ketzlat food. Each of these bases is manned by between 20 and 100 people depending on the size and frequency of use. Among these people you will find guards, doctors, scribes, cooks, blacksmiths, and more.   In addition to the support staff, a Skyknight can request military support with a Skyknight captain being able to overrule anyone short of a general.

Becoming a Skyknight

To join the Emperor's finest, an applicant must meet many requirements. Fitness, reflexes, strategic thinking, and even loyalty are tested. One trial is more important than all the others and if it is failed even once it can never be attempted again - climbing the mountain alone and returning with a the egg of a wild ketzlat. If successful, the egg must be nurtured until it hatches and the young ketzlat cared for until it can carry a rider on its back.

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Troubled History

The organization of the Skyknights changed radically within the lifetime of their founder.
Skyknight Reformation
Generic article | Jun 14, 2023

Regulation of the Skyknights.


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