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"Hsrat, my brother, recently returned from his rianthuun. He traveled far from all he knew, leaving this island. What I learned from him, I shall pass onto you. The people there are all small, some are soft and without scales while others are feathered like birds. They have many unique ideas but they seek to record them all in writing, which he tells me is like drawing words. There they don't remember the names of their entire tribe or of their seventhfathers and seventhmothers. Food is eaten several times between each sleep and they consume plants as well as meats, which they cook. Despite all of this Hsrat tells me that we and they are not that dissimilar. All of us have dreams, a desire for community, and a drive to protect those things."

The Body

Lizardfolk have two arms, two legs, a head, and a tail attached to a hunched torse which in conjuction with the tail provide balance. The average height of a lizardfolk is a towering 2.4 meters with some growing significantly taller. The average lizardfolk isn't necissarily able to lift a greater weight than a human but they can more easily maneuver such weights.   Due to the way in which their bodies are balanced, lizardfolk have difficult throwing objects at high speeds the same way that humans can. However due to their strength, they are able to wield heavy weapons much easier than others. The devastating great bow is a weapon designed by lizardfolk that is difficult for other species to use.   The variety of colors and patterns of lizardfolk vary greatly - sand, blue, striped, spotted, patchy, all of these and more are possible.   Meat is the basis of the lizardfolk diet which they consume raw with the bones - often in the largest chunks they can swallow. They have a weak sense of taste but experience their food more strongly through their enhanced sense of smell.   Some have frilled necks of varying sizes. Others have fins along the ridge of the head or the jawline.   Their home continent is warm. Some parts are dry and others wet but lizardfolk are able to thrive in both. Since they have begun to leave their island and explore others such as Breharan, they have learned that they struggle in cold temperatures but have also noticed that winter is a rough season for everyone.

The Lifecycle of Lizards

"I can't wait for them to grow up, just a little bit."
A lizardfolk is internally fertilized and later lays an egg. A baby lizardfolk first breaks out of it's egg and is able to walk within hours. These babies are little terrors and run around and chew on everything, it is common to provide them with sticks or bones to chew on to preserve other items. After two to three years the baby becomes a child and their greater cognitive abilities begin to develop. Lizardfolk become adults around age 17.   Lizardfolk live to be around seventy years old. In their later years they can be affected by a condition known as songra nor.

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An Oral History

The lizardfolk have an oral tradition of history that goes all the way back to the time of heroes. Each child is taught the names and feats of great heroes and their ancestors up to seven generations back.
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 16, 2023

Living spirits of the ancestors.

Game Statistics

Brawn 2; Agility 2; Intellect 2;
Cunning 2; Willpower 3; Presence 1
Wound Threshold: 12 + Brawn
Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower
Starting XP: 90 XP
Special: Lizardfolk begin the game with one rank in Vigilance. They still may not train Vigilance above rank 2 during character creation.
Musclebound: Lizardfolk treat the Cumbersome quality on all weapons as if it were 1 point lower (to a minimum of 0). However, their bodies do not accomodate throwing well and increase the difficulty of all thrown weapon attacks by 1.
Tail Slam: Lizardfolk can use their tails as weapons (Brawl, Damage +1; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]; Disorient 2).



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