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The Sky

Infinite in every direction.

It is almost as if the sky was designed to pull on your heart, to make you yearn for adventure. This is the clearest I have ever seen the sky, certainly a good sign for our maiden voyage. On a cycle like this you can see forever in every direction, there are islands everywhere. There could be anything on them.   Just looking out at the sky makes my imagination run wild. We have yet to set off and I already feel like an explorer, my spirit flying through the clouds.   Oh, Ryza is yelling, she's threatening to set sail without me.
— Darosi, Journal No. 1, First Entry

The Great Blue

The sky is one of the four regions of the skies. It exists above the Floor and the Void and below the High. Here the skyislands float, nourished by the rains brought by the winds and inhabited by many creatures and civilizations. Each of the parts of the sky is associated with the colour it takes on. The High is azure, the sky is blue, the Floor is gray, and the Void is black.   Light falls straight down from above from no discernable source. For most of history this has been the realm of myth but recently a few scholars have speculated as to its origin but none have devised a test to prove any of these speculations. The light feeds the plants which in turn feed people and animals like skyfish which can fly overland but mostly stick to the edges of the islands because that is where their food - such as dangling mosses or smaller skyfish - thrives.   Many phenomena fill the skies such as lightward rain and the golden curtain. These are awe inspiring to some, intriguing to others, and impressive to all. There is much to be learned from these oddities possibilities in how to harness them or use them to understand how life has spread across the different islands of the sky.

Navigating the Open Sky

The first peoples to travel across the skies were the skyfarers who are believed to be the ancestors of the peoples of Breharan. They are thought to have lived nomadic lives on the backs of ketzlat as they flew from island to island following the winds. Not much is known about how they navigated the skies but the limited range of their mounts makes it likely that they traveled only to nearby islands, using only vision to guide them.   In the present, skysailors use compasses which always point towards the Cynosure Stone to more accurately navigate over longer distances and in conditions of poor visibility. There is a limit to this tool as they only function within a range around the Stone which creates a circle on the map centered on it. This line is known as the limit of navigation. Few expeditions have ventured beyond this line and the first to do so - the Harani - never returned.   The reason may be unknown but it is undeniable that skyships cannot fly over islands or other skyships. This limits them to sailing only in open sky.

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Inspiring Adventure

The sky and related phenomena have inspired many stories and myths from the stories of lightward rain to the Three Sisters of the Orthlands. People have long wished to travel the skies and some have continued to but for most it was only a dream, until the flight of the first skyship and the start of the Time of Exploration. For many exploring the skies is still a dream but a dream that they can live through the stories of others.

A Place to Call Home

There are amazing things across the sky but to the people it is home. Plain, simple home. Not everyone is an explorer at heart and to them the sky and the islands that lie in it stay in the blurry periphery of their vision and out of mind. To them the sky is just the backdrop to the events of their life. They may care about when the winds change and the rains come but that is the end of their thoughts about the sky.
"I was out fishing and caught a skyfish this big." the first one said holding their hands shoulder-width apart.   "Oh yeah, I caught one this big." the second said holding their hands as far apart as they could.   Both turned to the third.   "I caugh one this big." the third said imitating the second. "Between the eyes."   They all laughed.


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