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Lightward Rain

Weather Phenomenon

"This journey is always so eventful. New plants and new people, everywhere I turn there is something new. I was woken one cycle by Araya to see something. We weren't supposed to set foot on a new island for several more cycles but she seemed very excited. I ran out and saw Ryza who just smiled to me and pointed.
My gaze focused on a funnel or pillar sticking out of the Floor and it was getting taller. It was rain, it was coming up from the Floor and quite far too. I could hardly believe it. There was so much rain, it would have overrun the Harani river for sure. And when the water could reach no higher, it curved out and then down, falling like a spectacular fountain.
  After I dried off, I drew a picture of the phenomenon which I have dubbed lightward rain."
  -Excerpt from Darosi's journal No. 6


Lightward rain is a weather phenomenon where rain falls up from the Floor. The event has been observed and recorded a number of times and the amount of water varies greatly. Some are great pillars that grow like giant trees rooted in the storm below and others are a light drizzle over a large area.
Researchers discovered that while inside this rain the weight of objects is reduced. The experiment was conducted in a sealed part of a ship, protected from the wind and rain. The researchers have no conclusion for why the weight of the objects is altered by the event.

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Game Statistics

Effect: While within this phenomenon, each character has their encumbrance capacity increased by two.


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