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The Golden Curtain

Phenomenon of the Sky

"The sky began to glitter as if a golden curtain was being pulled across it. For three cycles I was greeted with the sight of the golden sky before it turned blue once more."   -Alksar


  The event was first observed at Outpost 13 on the 54th of Summer in 34EX. The event was chronicled in the town's log by an uncredited author. Word of the phenomenon quickly spread to Darapur. The event was next recorded in the Summer of 44EX, then again in 54EX. In 54EX a citizen of Outpost 13 rode a ketzlat toward the golden curtain and it was discovered to be an insect which has become known as the goldenwing butterfly.


  The golden curtain begins with a thin point of gold that moves up pulling behind it more and more gold as the curtain widens. It flows along one of the linebound winds. For three cycles the curtain remains visible until it is too far to make out.

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