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The clouds surrounded the ship. The supplies were low and waiting out the fog was not an option, it could last for cycles. Hasan knew they would need a direction and the crew would look to their navigator.   Hasan didn't want to disappoint so he pulled out a large glass orb. Inside sat a metal spindle motionless. The outside of the orb was covered with lines and marks. Hasan filled the orb with water. The metal spindle began to move. It floated there in the water one end pointed up and to starboard towards home. It is always easy to head to the focus he thought.


Compasses have been around for hundreds of years or longer. The form has changed over time. The glass orb is currently the most popular design, it is also the newest.   It is thought that ancient people's used primitive compasses made from unrefined metals to travel the skies searching for new lands before settling down. A few recent archaeological sites have found metal fragments that may indicate some truth to these claims.  


"More people can interpret a compass than can read."
Compasses are used by all kinds of travellers, sky and otherwise. The markings on the outside indicate directions to a variety of locations based on the Focus.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Inside the glass orb is a special metal spindle. One end points towards the Focus, the other is just an equal weight but with no special properties.

Manufacturing process

The spindle is forged and ground into shape before it is placed into a glass sphere. Water is added then a hinged lid is added with sealant to keep the water in.



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Item type
Navigational Aid / Instrument
1.3 kilograms
Sphere 10cm in diameter
Raw materials & Components
Glass, metal, water, sealant.
Glass mould, blacksmith's tools.


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