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The Void

The unending dark at world's end.

I write these notes with my final candle, though it does little to fend of the darkness. I made it through the storm thinking that there could be nothing worse than it on the other side. Well, that and the leadership of Ryza and skill of the crew. We made it and it was somehow worse than the wind and the rain and the lightning. Perhaps it was the sudden change from the sensory overload of the Floor to the Void where the senses are starved.   I think it is something deeper than that, something more fundamental to this place. I believe we were not meant to exist in this place and can only hope we find a safe way to return for I do not know if the Harani can survive another trip through the Floor.
— Darosi, Excerpt from Journal No. 1

Darker than Dark

This almost empty space is dark. Truly dark. To people accustomed to the endless light that streams down from above darkness is relative but the Void is utter darkness. Even the lightning that arcs within the Floor above makes no dent in the inky skies of the Void.   Ryza remarked in her journal that the Void was like the sky. There are islands, winds, and a pervasive presence. She also notes that it is not like the sky and that the longer she remained there the more hopeless she felt - not that she ever let that on to her crew. It did not instill within her the same love of exploration and curiosity about what may be found that the skies above do - a sentiment echoed in the stories told by the crew and in Darosi's journals.

What Lurks Below

"The Void is a place where life was not meant to persist and yet it does."
Many creatures inhabit the skies and none are as alien as the creatures that live below the Floor - not even the fae. The crew of the Harani recorded a being that resembled a collection of strings. This string-like creature rendered the crew unable to move with a single touch and killed one of them. Darosi's sketch of this void string depicts something unlike any other and unlike anything imagined by even the most creative storytellers.   Islands that sink into the Floor never resurface and eventually find themselves in the Void. Most people believe that anything that lived on such islands simply dies when deprived of light. Those with more imagination tell stories of terrifying creatures that lurk in the endless dark waiting to fulfill the only part of their twisted mind that remains - hunger. The truth is unknown but that is exactly why the stories are so exciting to tell.   One thing is for certain, the Void is a punishing environment and only the most well-suited - the most dangerous - creatures can thrive in the pitch black emptiness.

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Ancient and New

The Void is as ancient as the sky and the Floor but knowledge of its existence is recent. There are a few stories about people who claim to have seen holes in the Floor leading to darkness below. Even a myth about how the storm is the result of the battle between light and dark. However, actual records and belief in the existence of the Void is only a few decades old.   Flying mounts such as ketzlat are hardy and impressive creatures but not capable of surviving a trip through the Floor and as such no one was capable of reaching the Void - and also returning - until the creation of the skyship. As fate would have it the first skyship - the Harani - and her crew found themselves in the Void.   The record and stories of their exploits became immensly popular and with that the existence - and conditions - of the Void entered the public consciousness. Since then rumors, tall tales, and stories from a friend of a friend of a friend have spread across Breharan.
"So, hear me out. I was just thinking. Ya know how we're above the Floor."   "Yeah."   "And the Void is below the Floor."   "Yeah."   "If you were in the Void, would the Floor be the Ceiling?"   "Woah."

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