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"A new peace has grabbed our people. Together we have sent away the thieving outsiders and took back our ancestral fishing grounds. We showed them our teeth and they fought back.   But now, now we sell them are fish. They don't come armed with swords and blackpowder. They come with coins and textiles. Eventually we may be just like them. Wear their clothes, speak their language. And when we are gone, who will remember us?" -Disgruntled Tamazee citizen


The islands of Tamm and Zeed are ruled by a council comprised of the richest members of society, the councillors. The Arbiter is the highest power. Both Tamm and Zeed have an Arbiter but only one is active at a time and they switch every season.


The island nation has a moderate treasury, few metals, and two dozen Anslak.


Tamm and Zeed were once seperate nations, each controlled a part of the Geetan Archipelago . During the Time of Rebuilding they went to war over fishing grounds as fishing ships from outside the archipelago came. This fighting went back and forth for decades until two diplomats, Tamm and Zeed, for whom the islands were renamed, established the first Agreement of Fishing Territories . These two went on to establish defenses to prevent outside fishing. Eventually the outsiders removed their fishing and escort ships and began to send merchant vessels.

Demography and Population

The various islands in the Geetan Archipelago are home to around two thousand people. A few large towns are home to around one or two hundred people but most live in small villages.

Agriculture & Industry

Most of the islands of the archipelago are rocky with thin soil and cannot support farming. Certain varieties of seaweed are cultivated.

Trade & Transport

The use of sailing vessels is the best way to transport goods to and from Tamazee.

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Founding Date
24 Fall 36
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Tamm and Zeed
Tamman, Zeedan
Government System
Economic System
Barter system
The people of Tamazee trade primarily through bartering. However, as they continue to trade with the other nations coins become more common.
Major Exports
Salt fish is the primary export.
Major Imports
Textiles are the primary import and are much cheaper than the few produced on the archipelago.
Organization Vehicles


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