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Graran Expeditionary Force

Unpopular expansionary army.

"They are the people who came and took Beldan and tried to bring the Orth into their fold as well. Jaerun, their leader, is considered a bit of a hero because he chose to stop the fighting and negotiate but the force itself still has a very poor reputation around here.   Would you not hate a group that demanded you join their empire and hand over your ancestral home? How would you feel if Bral claimed Irusii or Darapur?"
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

Reclaiming Settlers

The Expeditionary Force was formed to take over regions where settlers had moved out into unclaimed territory and had no official ties remaining to Grara. This made them a very unpopular group in the regions they visited sometimes encountering open hostility upon arrival if word of their coming had found its way ahead of them.


The most common tactic the force used was to first go in with a small group and try to convince the people to join with promises of prosperity should they agree to join the nation. If that failed they would perform a non-violent show of force. The reports claim that they never instigated any fights but responded to aggression directed towards them, though scholars dispute this.   Shields, swords, and lances were common equipment for the force. They had a large number of support personnel and horses as well, though they were not given enough provisions by the government and had to get what they could from the communities they passed through. In this way, they were seen as little more than sanctioned bandits.

The End of the Expedition

Once the regions had been claim and divided into new counties, the force was disbanded. Many of the members would return to serve in the military in other units but the leadership of the force were granted leadership positions in many of the new counties.

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