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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an organization considered cruel or monstrous by some
A total of 237 entries

Imperial Bureau of Security and Intelligence

OPC - Offspring Protection & Care

Elgath Order: The Immortal Fallen

The loyal school of bankers and tax collectors

The Syndicate of the Human Expanse

The Foundation for Traditional Wellness

Temporal Transportation Authority

Hochkommissariat für Bevölkerungswachstum

Las Islas de las Nueces Alemanas

The Crowle Community for Necromantic Research and History

United Confederate Defense Force - Naval Branch - Skyship Command

Tongir Ragaruyi: Princess's Guard

Imperial Cherry Pickers of Tolenestria

Office of Guild Enforcement, OGE

The Outreach Educational Organisation

The Fraternity of Dark Arcanum

Exalted Pentagon of Death

Directorate for the Procurement of Technology

The Imperial Gardens and Managerie

Anuinzheulmin's Aspirants

A study into The Glorious Kingdom of Eglen

The dance of lords and ladies

Daughters of the Nine-Tailed Fox