The Sect of the Rekindlers

We shall not live in the lies offered by "our" faith. The power of Ilia's flame is our gift and, if we allow it, will grow! Consume our mortal coil and grant us a greater, proper, godly form! One that will allow us to fulfill her great desires, to remake the world in her image!
— Rekindled Priest at his trial
Be weary whom you trust, my friend. Enemies walk the shadows, those who wish to burn the world, not spare it. Remember, the light can guide us but it shall also consume us if we should let it.
— A Sun-Touched Priest's warning
The Sect of the Rekindlers, referred to as "Cult of the Firestarters" by those within the Church of the Divine Light, is a faction that formed one century ago by St. Bronwyn the Heretical Monk. Rekindlers, unlike the Church's main clergy, live in secrecy and work in the shadows.


St. Bronwyn and the Abominable Abbey

Starting in the early 1400s, an alchemical monk by the name of St. Bronwyn the Traveler began a series of studies on those who had previously undergone the Branding but were saved, in effort to form a record on the experience. While many refused to talk about it, those who were offered critical insight that St. Bronwyn found fascinating.   In his books, St. Bronwyn made claims that the experience of the Branding had freed the minds of these young men and women, allowing them far greater "emotional range," a more "carefree lifestyle," and ultimately "experiencing a more joyous lifestyle". While his record refused to mention the names of how many people he studied, the reports were significant enough to warrant further study.   St. Bronwyn was granted funds and a small abbey in the Greyspire Mountains of Ardennais to continue study. He recruited a many young priests and attempted to convince them to undergo the transformation willingly. This led to many experiments, including beatings, tortures, and even animal mutilations in the area. St. Bronwyn successful transformed many young men into Branded, and even consumed in secret, writing his findings and sharing them with the officials.   The officials became horrified at Bronwyn's finding and declared him mad, his papers were burned and those who had undergo the Branding either underwent confession, salvation, or execution. Bronwyn was subsequently jailed and spent his last 47 years spreading his message that Branding would not trap them, but free them.  

The Schism

Around 1500, The story of St. Bronwyn spread throughout the church, leading to a divide in the church. On one side, the Divinites, who followed the High Council of the Divine Flame, and the Bronwynites, who followed St. Bronwyn. The Divine Council imposed many new laws against the research of the Branding, outlawing practices and even instituting policies at their universities against the teaching of it. This caused the Bronwynites to speak out against the Council and the Church, eventually leading to violent clashes between the two factions. A ten year period followed called "The Burning Decade", where mass executions and book-burnings were undertaken by the Church of Divine Light.  

Rise of St. Tarian and the New Age Belief

  Around 1540, as the Bronwynites reached their lowest point, a young priest began recruitment into a secret society known as "Sect of the Rekindlers". Advertised as "the true faith, as created and intended by Ilia.", the Rekindlers were modeled after old church laws and founded in the false principals. Documents written by St. Bronwyn arose, claiming to have been saved from the fire by "priests overwhelmed by the new knowledge" and were passed down until given to St. Tarian.
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Religious, Cult
Firestarters (insult)
Parent Organization
Sun God Symbol
While the Rekindlers exist amongst the clergy Church of Divine Light, they live in secrecy. Rekindlers face extreme scrutiny, living in fear of discovery and execution. Because of this, recruitment is done in more isolated regions, away from the higher officials of the church, where it can grow naturally like a raging wildfire. In the last century, members of the militant arm of the church, The Lightbearers, have been called to eliminate them by any means necessary, including extermination.


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