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OPC - Offspring Protection & Care

"There doesn't need to be an intent to harm - trying to do good and harming a person can be more damaging than intending to harm a person."   "But—"   "Don't but me. Think about it, about this situation, and make things better. This is why people think we're cruel, staff haven't thought through with their actions."
— city hall talking to OPC (offspring protection & care


Each large city is called a Region, and each Region is under the command of a Regional Responder, but the RR is one of eight who report to the Active Secretary, who then reports to the Active Commander. Most people don't go beyond the RR level unless there is a major problem.


The members who work here all care about the families and children that they serve. There is a strong push to keep close connections and friendships, as well as those relationships with the people they've been able to help. This is helped by the fact that the city understands this company needs a good amount of workers, money to get things done, and up to date equipment.

Public Agenda

The goals and motivations of company are to help offspring that can't help themselves ("offspring" was chosen because sometimes there are people older than child age that need help). This does include removing offspring from homes and family members who are not conductive to their survival, which usually generates negative public reactions.   However, public agenda is different from public opinion. Public opinion is that this company is full of people wanting to rip children from their rightful families, or in some cases give second and third chances until there are even more problems within the family to "correct." For some people, this is a monstrous company that needs to be demolished.


As of the moment, their assets include two cars, a dormitory house, and an office downtown.


City hall is the institute that started the OPC. They saw (unfortunately) that there was a need. They started a small situational assistance group in their own city, but that was swallowed up by a national OPC set out in the country. The city is part of Region 2 is the north part of the country.

Protecting Those Who Can't Protect Themselves


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