Apex Empire Company

The Apex Empire is by far one of the major nezil mining companies in Hislariya. It possesses virtually all Nezil mining sites in the Kithanda continent and is always expanding in the rest of the world.   It is one of the oldest companies still in activity, its birth dating back to 300 years ago, when an ambitious land owner found an outcropping vein of nezil in one of their lands and started mining it, first alone, then with the help of an always increasing number of miners.   In the span of a few years most of the surrounding village was employed in the mine and the extractive process started becoming more dangerous and difficult. It is then that the owner of the land approached a group of Makarids of the diaspora trying to employ them as miners. Looking for approval and integration, this first group confided to him their ability to resonate with the nezil and offered their skill to the service of the mines.   The role of Resonator was born.   Unfortunately for them, while the first owner was greedy but fair, when it became time to split the empire among the heirs, all 3 of them looked for ways to cut their losses and the between increasing the prices and cutting the salaries of the miners, one of them decided to save all of the expense of the employment of makarids and enslave them instead.   Since then, most of the Apex mines have made use of captured makarids to carry on their operations, with entire clans of the diaspora been kept under the yoke of their brutal tyranny.

Cover image: by Thom Milkovic


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