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The nezil is one of the most common minerals in the Hislaryia-Nyria system. It is usually found in crystalline form in a layer just below the surface of Hislaryia and it forms almost the totality of the mass of the satellite Nyria.   In its most common crystalline form, it has a transparent purple colour and polygonal structure. While an attractive gem, its main characteristic is that of being the catalyst of magical energies. It's been theorized that between the crystals of Hislaryia's core and those of Nyria, runs a constant flux of magical energy as if the two celestial bodies were communicating through it.   Any crystal removed from one of the two planetary bodies is capable of bending these energy lines and, in certain circumstances, alter reality around itself. When these propriety is activated the crystals vibrate and produce a characteristic low hum and sometimes become hot.  
Some creatures like dragons and, in minor form, Makarids can also act as a focus themselves and bend the energy lines between the planet and its satellite, and they can also "resonate" with the crystals and cause them to "sing" in their presence.   This ability is exploited in the nezil's mines to locate the crystals and lead the miners to the crystals vein.   The reality altering property of the crystals is the essential component in the manufacture of magical objects. Any object embedded with a nezil crystal has the potential of having some magical effect, but in order to have a little control over this effects, the creator needs to follow scrupolous measurements regarding the position and proportions between the crystal and the rest of the object.   The material of the object is also important as it needs to be resistant to the vibrations of the crystal and to the heat created by it. Many an inexperienced crafter experimented with nezil crystals embedding, only to see their creations set on fire at the first use.

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