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We'll leave in two days, at the light of full faced Nyria
— a pirate capitain
  Nyria is the single celestial body that dominates the night sky of Hislaryia with its faint violet light. At the naked eye, it appears like a spherical object, with a cyclic planetary shadow, that reflects an attenuated purple light, occasionally emitting a flash when the light of the sun hits a facet of the giant crystal that composes it.  
It is the only satellite of Hislaryia and it's best visible during the night, when it's not outshined by the sun, but it can still be faintly recognizable in days without overcast as it travels in its orbit around the planet.   Nyria is composed of a single enormous nezil crystal whose major facets can be seen from Hislaryia even with the use of naval telescopes and is one of the two major foci, with Hislaryia itself, between which the magical waves created by the nezil crystals travel.  

Nyrian tides

Prepare the refuge to hide the children, tomorow it will be low tide.
— a makarid leader
The system Nyria-Hislaryia is traversed by lines of magic energy that connect Nyria's crystal with the crystals in the core of Hislaryia. By bending these lines of energy through a third focus (usually a small nezil's crystal), the inhabitants of Hislaryia can make use of the magical energy itself to bend reality.   In its orbit around Hislaryia, Nyria gets cyclicly closer and farther away, influencing the magic energies of the planet.   During high Nyria tides, when it is at the zenith and in a close position, the area affected receives a stronger pull from the magical lines of energy, the magical objects' effects become more predictable and the production of magical artifacts is more successful too. Nezil crystals are also more easily identified during these high tide moments and enter in resonance within a larger radius. These moments are frequently used to investigate new nezil's ores from the surface.   Conversely, during low tides the area affected receives a weaker pull, magical objects' behaviour becomes more erratic and a large number of magic crafting attempted during low tides fails, so the practice is usually avoided. Nezil crystals are also more difficult to detect and to enter in resonance with during low tides. During low tides The Salvation Order organizes their hunts because the makarids will be less likely to be able to defend themselves using their magical affinity.

Magic Overview

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This article is in response to TJ Trewin's prompt #117 from his 400 Worldbuilding Prompts

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Jan 2, 2022 16:34 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

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Out of curiosity: Is the moon orbit solid, is it going to crash into the planet one day, or does it slowly slip away from the planet? I imagine that any researcher finding out the moon will go away in the future, so magic will become less and less reliable, would cause a bit of a fuss.

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