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Kingdom of Kistals

The kingdom of Kistals is the name of the kingdom where most of the orcs in Mirateia live and all home, the kingdom is in general seen as monstrous by its neighbours, not really because of the orcs themself, although a normal size human or elf might think that an orc half a meter taller than them and many times their strength might be monstrous, the reason the kingdom is viewed this way is more down to their way of life with a culture that dictates that the strongest will rule.


The kingdom is structured as a loose confederation united under the leadership of a high king, a title that can cease to exist for periods if the successor is not strong enough to keep the kingdom together.   In times where the high king rules, the king is at the top with the clan leaders acting in a similar way as dukes in other kingdoms.


The culture of the kingdom is one of a warrior culture where the strongest take the power and try and hold on to it.   A part of their culture that many outsiders viewed as monstrous if not outright barbaric was the lack of city building within the kingdom, the kingdom only had 3 proper cities that were located to the south. These cities were former Clifian cities that had been overrun by the Orcish armies and been mostly left to be reclaimed by nature. It was only when the first High King emerged that the cities were reoccupied in the effort to bring some much-needed trade to the kingdom, such as better quality food and weapons.


The area where the Kingdom of Kistals is located has long been just a bunch of warring clans and petty kingdoms, it is only in the last 300 or so years that the area has been united under a high king, Although there was a period between 1164-1190 IC that the kingdom returned to the splintered state due to the high king's successor being deemed weak and the clan leaders, therefore, refused to follow the king's orders.


The military of the kingdom is based on the forces the clans can supply in case of war.    The favoured tactic of the kingdom as a result of the warrior culture present in the kingdom is the feared frontal attack where the army would at a given a signal rush towards the enemy army in the hope that the sheer mass of the orcs would break the enemy lines and in many cases it did but if the enemy line held, it could be disastrous for the kingdom.

Foreign Relations

The high king tries to maintain peace with the surrounding neighbours, although the local clans might still conduct raids over the borders, these raids are normally not done with the permission of the king but it does happen that the king will in secret ask the clans along a selected border to indiscreetly increase the raids.    The inhabitants tend to perceive the neighbouring nations as weak and therefore open to raiding and invasions.
Founding Date
983 with the first High King.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Unlike other kingdoms, Kistals don't mint their own coins and the day-to-day transaction between citizens are normally conducted in the form of bartering and the exchange of favours.
Legislative Body
The local tribes make their laws with a few overarching laws emanating from the high king.
Judicial Body
The interpretation of the laws is mostly left to the device of the local chieftains and warlords, but if the case is deemed serious enough the case will be taken to the court of the High King.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Controlled Territories


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