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Starlighters Pantheon

The specific deities will be added once I have them figured out.

Starlighters Pantheon

The Pantheon includes most of the deities that are worshipped across Mirateia. The deities of the pantheon have their history across the continent in separate cultures and with the expansion of the Ancient Empire the separate deities met and came in contact with others. The deities over time would be adopted by others or the deities would mend together. It also happened that some mortal would ascend to divinity or in the case of the Empire of Dercia the culture would result in the creation of a combined deity called Mara but the original deities would continue to be worshipped outside the empire.   It happens that a deity fades from the pantheon, usually, because their followers abandoned them for reasons or the group of followers got too small to sustain the deity. When that happens a new deity will take its place and will take over the domain of its predecessor or the domain will be folded in under another deity if deemed similar enough.

Greater deities

The Starlighters Pantheon consists of seven greater deities that are all worshipped by the races of Mirateia, the greater deities work together to keep the balance of the world and the balance between chaos and good. Of the greater deities, it is generally widely accepted that there are seven of them, and they all control a major domain with most of the lesser deities serving under them.  
  • Fira : goddess of peace.
  • Cassius : god of war, battle, warriors.
  • Mara : goddess of war & peace (unique to the empire of Dercia)
  • Lady of the Dark : goddess of death
  • Gigia : goddess of nature

Lesser deities

While the greater deities take care of the broader aspects of their domain, the lesser deities are those that are worshipped by specific people, they don't have any power outside of their small domain and will have to ask one of the greater ones for help if needed.   Due to the many races calling Mirateia home, the lesser deities have many aspects of them that suit the races worshipping them.  
  • Aleida Goddess of joy, happiness, dance, and festivals.

Cosmological Views

According to the teachings of the pantheon, the world was created when the dwarfish god of iron was experimenting with his domain and created a sphere of iron that ended up growing out of control. To try and stop the iron sphere from growing, the human god of stone created a thick layer of rock around the sphere and for a while, the sphere was contained within the sphere of rock but at some point during the creation of the rock layer, the sphere had begun to spin and the friction between the rock and iron combined with the pressure the thick layer of rock placed on the sphere of iron, began to heat iron to a point where the rock began to melt into liquid. To prevent the iron sphere from destroying the cage of stone, the elvish god of stone stepped in and created another layer of rock around the first rock layer, this layer was able to stay mostly solid although it got extremely hot so gods from other races stepped in and a few created a layer of thin rock around the elvish and others created layers of soil and while the iron sphere now was contained within countless layers of rock and soil, the gods had grown to like this new sphere of their creation and gods that had until now not been able to contribute much now stepped in and placed water on the surface of the sphere and others created the forests and green fields, until the last group of gods stepped in and placed small figures of all the gods that had contributed to this creation and these small figures soon began to come to life.

Political Influence & Intrigue

How the pantheon affects the politics and how much influence it has in the different nations of Mirateia mostly depends on what deity is worshipped as the "main" deity of the seven greater deities.   In nations such a the Ibraghian Theocracy were the priesthood is the ruling class and the monarch is the high priest. Whereas in the Principality of Clifia the pantheon plays a minor role in the government and only holds a slight influence depending on the personal worship of the monarch.   In the Kingdom of Kistals they don't follow any of the greater deities but rather a side branch of the lesser deities.   For the Empire of Dercia the formation of Mara have created the situation were the goddess herself plays a larger role in the empire.

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