Lady of the Dark

The Lady of the Dark

The Lady of the Dark is considered one of the oldest deities and is one of the few deities that are equally worshipped all across the continent. She is generally described as a gentle goddess, and she is normally seen as the protector of the dead. Therefore, while the idea of death is sometimes feared, the goddess is never herself feared.  

Apparel & Accessories

The Lady of the Dark wears a slightly tattered, long, heavy hooded cloak covering her face's upper part.  

Involvement in daily life

While escorting the souls of the dead to the afterlife is normally done by one of the Ladys' helpers, sometimes she will do it. It is normally when one has died doing something good or bad extraordinary.   There are reports from soldiers that she would show up when a large battle was about to commence, standing somewhere where she had a good overview of the battle and depending on where the battle was fought, she would sometimes be seen in company with either Cassius or Mara  


While she does have a day of the year when people show extra attention to her, while they don't actively worship her, they do honour and propitiate her.  


The priesthood of the Lady of the Dark is small compared to most of the other greater deities, and there is usually in the major cities a small temple that will take care of the last rites and, in general, care for the graves of the dead, the clergy will wear clothes similar to their goddess.  


  Temples dedicated to the Lady of the Dark are normally placed near the main cemetery of the settlement they are connected to.

Divine Domains

The domain of the Lady of the Dark is the domain of death, she rules the realm of death and views it as her mission to spread knowledge that death is nothing to be feared and that it's a natural thing.

Tenets of Faith

One of the main principles the Lady of the Dark tries to teach her followers are that death should not be feared as long as you have live lived a good life.


The nations of Mirateia have a day each year where they celebrate the Lady of the Dark, the days are all different depending on the nation. On such a day the people would go to the temples of her worshippers and bring offerings praying for a safe journey when it's their time to depart the mortal world. When the offerings have finished some will go to the graves of their ancestors and tell them stories of the young ones that have been born since the ancestors passed.
Divine Classification
entirely black
Long, sleek, black


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