Apparel & Accessories

Fira wears white robes with a blue ribbon around the waist, said to symbolize the peace of the ocean and sky.


The Clergy and followers of Fira who are magically inclined will pray to Fira either during the morning or evening after a moment of meditation and be granted access to magical spells.


The temple priest of Fira will wear white robes, rarely engage in confrontation, and act subtly and peacefully against their surroundings.


The temples of Fira are some of the biggest in their respective cities. They are typically made of white marble; generally, their size is only rivalled by the palaces in the capital cities. The temples are also some of the most decorated, from the followers of Fira donating to the temples.

Holy Books & Codes

The temple priests in the temples will read from ancient texts said to have been handed down from Fira back when her following was still small.

Tenets of Faith

The main tenant, the followers, believe in, and that Fira tells them to follow, is that Peace is innate and cannot be taught or imposed.  


Fira is a reasonably humble goddess; compared to some of the other deities, Fira is also quiet and subtle. As a goddess of Peace, Fira is also a pacifist but does recognise that sometimes violence has a place, and in those cases, she is willing to step back and let the god of war deal with it.

Divine Domains

For as long as anyone could remember, Fira was the sole goddess of Peace, but at some point, another goddess appeared who, in the Dercian region, combined the domain of Peace and the one of war, stealing a part of Firas domain.


There are no dedicated holidays to Fira. Instead, the followers of Fira will celebrate the day's Peace reached the area they live in, so while their presence is limited, the followers will participate in the celebrations held to make the ending of The war of Western expansion and The Decade of 5 Emperors, in the case of the war of Western expansion the followers can be found in both Pearlhal and Bardines.
Fira have somewhat of a rivalry with Mara after this goddess appeared and took over Firas domain as the goddess of peace in Dercia as Mara quickly became the goddess of choice for the Dercian people and Fira have never really forgiven Mara for the "loss" of this region.


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