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Ancient Empire

The Ancient empire was a magocratic empire that shortly before its fall had expanded to cover the entire continent of Mirateia.   The empire influenced the majority of the continent for several thousand years, and even if a lot of knowledge was lost during its fall and the following plagues and other godly punishment.   A lot of the influence of the empire can still be felt across the continent, from previous lost magic scrolls and books to ruins that are spread around in the landscape.   The lands that were inhabited by those without magic were scattered towns, and roaming barbarian tribes. The towns were ruled by lesser arcanists of the empire who had yet to master the full potential of their magical powers that enabled the ancient wizards to spread their influence over the continent. Each town exhibited specific terrain, weather and characteristics that were even alterable depending on the powers of the ruling arcanist.


The empire was a magocratic society where the leaders of the empire all where magic users could hold any office or any sort of power at all.


The empire was divided into two main groups, those who had magic and those who did not, those with magic also controlled the state and viewed those without as lesser beings and would kidnap those they saw as lesser beings to be used in their magical experiments.


Only 250 or so years before the beginning of the collapse, the empire had expanded into what is now the Empire of Dercia, that during that time in history was split into hundreds of small petty kingdoms and city states.


When The Emerald Comet was spotted in the sky, at first people did not think much of it but when riots began to spring up even among the loyal population and plague that no magic or cure could cure it, people began to look at the history and found it that every time the comet had been spotted in the sky, some change on a continental scale had happened.   So in the following years the empire began to implode on itself, with riots, rebellions and civil wars with plagues that were almost impossible to put down.


No one is sure where the empire had its heartlands but a leading theory is that it was where the Kingdom of Thynin is located now, the reason for that theory is that there are a higher concentration of ruins located there than anywhere else.


The empire is the strongest military force ever seen on the continent because they are so far the only nation who have been able to conquer the entire continent.   Some learned people have a theory that the empire must have had some sort of powerful artifact, that could help them in either battle or somehow pacify the population so they would not have to use too many soldiers on patrolling an area.

Unknown - Year 0

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