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Castmia Province

The province of Castmia is located along the northern coast of Dercia, enjoying that it has both a harbour located in the capital of the province of Hanum that are a popular place for merchants to trade in, and that the Continental highway runs through the province and with it comes all the benefits of merchants which have in return made the province a reasonably profitable one. In the last 200 years, the province has been ruled by the emperor or empress of the empire, but in 1283, the province was given to Prince Osril as his province to get him away from the capital and limit his schemes.   The province is characterized by numerous small towns and villages scattered across the province, with only four reaching a population of over 10.000, being Hanum, Sleetfall, Rezsad, and Clifrost. However, there is a town that, at certain times each year, will get a population of over 30.000, and this is Willow. This small town makes the foundation for several holy places dedicated to a number of the lesser deities of the Starlighters Pantheon.


Castmia is ruled from Hanum by Prince Osril , and he maintains a tight grip on the administration. When he has to visit Pearlhal or other provinces, the province will be led by the prince's chancellor.


The culture is a mixture of trade and agriculture.


In the last two years, the province has experienced an increase in the industry within the metalwork sector, and there has likewise been an increase in trade with the beginning of the expansion of the harbour in Hanum.   The province also has two forts containing two legions and what some see as a suspicious number of well-armed auxiliaries.


The province used to be an independent city-state and a founding member of the Alliance of City-states. that formed as a result of the growing power and treat from Pearlhal. The province put up a good fight when armies from Pearlhal arrived. Still, after only two months of fighting and the sacking of Hanum, the city-state surrendered and because they had fought honourable and not extended the fight when it was clear they could not win the ruling family were allowed to stay in power on the condition that the ruler who had fought Pearlhal surrendered the power to his daughter

Agriculture & Industry

In the last two years, the province's industry has increased a lot, and to pay for the increase, the areas along the coast that produce salt from the sea have increased, and salt is being sold along the continental highway. For a high price due to believed health benefits of the salt from Castmia.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Province
Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Mixed economy
The currency of the province is the imperial currency, although, outside the cities, the people tend to barter more than exchange coins.
Major Exports
Most of what the province exports consists of salt made along the coast.
Major Imports
Most of the import consists of equipment used in the metalwork industries that the province can't produce itself.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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