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Aricia Province

Like many of the provinces in the Empire of Dercia, the province of Aricia used to be an independent city-state, although one on the larger side. It was one of the states that surrendered to the advancing armies of Pearlhal almost without putting up a fight, only offering token resistance. This way, the leaders could spare their nation from the devastation a prolonged conflict would have on the land and, at the same time, maintain their honour.   The name Aricia is said to be derived from an old plant that used to be abundant in the province; the plant was supposed to have a relaxing effect when consumed in hot water, but due to this, the plant was driven to extinction, the first time the name of the plant is used to describe the province is in a text found in the storage rooms at the Imperial Museum were it had been placed alongside several other documents and had since then been forgotten, Cyna Astalles believes they were taken during the occupation of the province back in the day. Still, due to just being a document among thousands of others, its value was not seen until recently.


During the traditional celebration that takes place during the Feast of The First Moon, many of the people in the province will be making food that is traditionally dominated by ingredients such as spices, white flour, dried fruits, almonds, and sugar. These ingredients are used to make some of the treats, such as a pastry filled with a sweet almond paste centre. Or it is used to make a drink unique to the Aricia province mulled wine.


The typical vegetation of Aricia is Dercian woodland, characterized by trees that have adopted the long and dry summers of the region. The most dominant species are holly oak, cork oak and olive trees brought to the province. And in the northern woodlands, leafy hardwoods such as poplars, ash and elms are also abundant; ash trees are cultivated in the plains of Aricia for use in arrow production.  


the number of animals found in Aricia is several deer species, wild sheep and wild goats. Among the smaller animals, the white-striped rabbit is very common in the province and forms a stable source of meat for the citizens.


Fish and other seafood have long figured prominently in the local diet and in the local culture.


The province of Aricia has 38 fishing ports where the province's large fishing fleet operates.

Agriculture & Industry

For many centuries, agriculture dominated the society of Aricia. The three most important crops of the province are olives, wine and fruits.   Alongside agriculture, the people of Aricia also have a long tradition of husbandry and raising livestock.
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The province uses the Imperial currency
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