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Imperial Museum

The Imperial Museum is a building located in the capital of the Empire of Dercia, Pearlhal. it contains the tribute, tresure and other conqoured artworks that over the centuries have been taken during the Unification war  The most famous thing displayed in the Imperial Museum has also been made a part of the building, it's the famed Starlighter stained-glass window that symbolizes the 7 main gods of the Starlighter Pantheon, this art was taken from the last city-state to surrender and was brought back to Pearlhal to be shown during the triumph that Cyna Astalles had been awarded to honour her achievement.   Over the centuries the museum has gathered over 30.000 items, counting things like paintings, drawings and sculptures together with two whole ships from both the Imperial Dercian navy and a captured one from Principality of Clifia.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the museum was to give the city a place to display the treasure and conquered artworks.   Over the years the museum has gone from only displaying items from the wars fought between Pearlhal and the rest of Derica to in the later decades also showing from the wars against the Clifians and even have a section dedicated to the proxy wars that have been fought with Derican participation.   


When the first building was constructed it was constructed as a large hall and over time it got expanded and more extensions got added so that it could properly display the tributes from the conquered areas.   Roughly 10 years after the end of the The war of Western expansion the museum got its biggest extension to make room for the two navy ships and the large amount of conquered items from the Clifian generals when their camps were overrun.


The museum is constructed in the same material as the rest of the great buildings in Pearlhal, with red painted marble.


Several spells are in place to protect the building against fire and alarms against break ins.


The museum has several visitors with a lot of them coming from all over the empire.
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