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Royal Palace of Dercia

The Royal Palace of Dercia is the most prominent structure in Pearlhal and is located centrally in the capital. Although this was not always the case when the building that would become the palace was constructed on this location in the year 264 IC, the building site was located just outside the city, but over time, the city grew and surrounded the palace.   The garden in front of the palace is around 3 hectares containing the Royal Garden  During the The Decade of 5 Emperors when Pearlhal was conquered by Cedana Astalles the palace was the last place to surrender, holding out for a week after the rest of the city had already fallen.


The first building was nothing more than a castle built to hold the court of the kingdom.    Over time just as the Astalles dynasty grew in both power and prestige, the palace grew as well in size and prominence.


The palace is built with a mixture of red and white marble, consisting of large white marble layers with red marble bands in between.   The palace is built with an architecture that allows it to stay cold during the dry seasons and allows plenty of sunlight to help light up the many corridors and rooms.


The palace has layers of magical defence in the form of magical tripwires that will tell if anyone tries to enter through the garden. as well as several magical spells that will alert the caster if someone enters a room they are not cleared for.   Besides the magical defences, the palace also has two guard forces in the shape of regular Palace Guards that have the task of patrolling the halls and the palace area. Still, there are also the Imperial Guard that have the task of protecting the imperial family and the private quarters of the palace, as well as escorting the royals around the palace.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Palace Guards: 500
Imperial Guards: 500


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