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Cedana Astalles

Duchess Cedana Astalles (a.k.a. Rebel queen, Conqueror, Panther)

Cedana Astalles grew up in one of the wealthy duchies in the Empire of Dercia where she at 25 got married to the neighbouring dukes' son and for what is publicly known the marriage seemed to be a happy one.   Being a Crienia of ambitions it was also around this time that she began her moves towards her final goal, the imperial throne. Due to her marriage to another duke, and a powerful one of that, Cedana was in a good position, militarily and financially, to make her moves. What she needed was the public to support her, although she was a member of The Astalles dynasty, she was of a side branch that only had weak claims to the throne and normally was dedicated to the position of a duke or in rare cases king.   After three years, she had gained enough support from the public and with the help of agents in Pearlhal had made several scandals with the goal of bringing the popularity of the Imperial family down and move the support to her. With the newfound support, she officially declared her claim for the throne after Empress Krea Astalles died with no heirs.   What followed would be the second most devastating war fought on Dercian soil and the war would only come to an end 5 emperors/empresses later when Emperor Malthin II defeated the last rebel army and took Cedana Astalles captive, were she afterwards would be paraded through the capital ending in her execution at the steps to the Temple of Mara.

Honorary & Occupational Titles

Cedana held a couple of titles with the main title being that of a duchess. Due to a connection with the imperial family through marriage, Cedana in 1145 laid claim to the title of empress.


Rebel queen: a title used by both sides of the war, first used among the loyalists who as a means to demeanour Cedana began calling her a rebel queen and the rebels heard it and began using it. As the war went on and the first years were going in the favor of the rebels, even the loyalists began using the name with some earned respect, they might not have liked her and her cause, but her actions on the battlefield had earned her some respect from her enemies.   Conqueror: a name used proudly by the rebels after she conquered Pearlhal.   Panther: One of the more affectionate nicknames given to Cedana during the period. She gained this name after several lightning-fast attacks on loyalists' convoys and strongholds where survivors are told to have said that the leader fought with the speed of a panther.


Cedana never truly reigned, as no one outside her faction in the civil war recognized her claim to the throne. The closest she and her faction was to rule was when she conquered Pearlhal and held the city for two years.   The rebels would after having having the city, place Cedana on the throne in the imperial palace.   Cedanas rule over the imperial capital would after two years come crashing down, the loyalists had used the previous two years on rebuilding their armies and harass the rebel supply lines.   After two years, a large army along with a good sized fleet made their way towards Pearlhal, Cedana decided to defend the city in the hope that the impressive walls of the city would be able to withstand the incoming army. The loyalists laid siege to the city and after a month began assults, which after several attempts succeded and the loyalists got within moments to capturing Cedana but she managed to escape out of the city in the confusion.
Date of Birth
24th of Anzus
Date of Death
24th of selik
1117 IC 1155 IC 38 years old
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.78 meters.
67.7 kg
Aligned Organization

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