Pearlhal was for a long time of its existence nothing more than a small town on the northern coast of Dercia. It was the home of the Crienia people and was first mentioned on maps roughly 3500 years before current time.   Pearlhal would over the years grow into a small power among the local city-states as a mean to protect against the other surrounding powers who was wary of the Crienia people, and when the Ancient Empire who had conquered the region a few decades earlier, Pearlhal would with clever use of diplomacy and small quick wars take over the local area, and fill the power vacuum left behind.   During this time the city was a republic having dethroned the kings after a bloody civil war, a few decades ago. Tensions between the newly conquered cities and the lack of coordination among the elected rulers, would after some time raise to such levels that a member of The Astalles dynasty a small but prominent noble family would be elected to the role of the king but under very strict conditions as a mean to control the new ruling class.    The city itself over time gained nicknames such as "The Pearl" or "The eternal city" the first name likely has its origin in the rich harvesting of peals that could be done off the coast. Over time the name came to also describe the beauty of the city with its many marble buildings and such. The later name is a newer addition and became popular after The war of Western expansion together with the following civil war where Pearlhal many times either was under siege or as in the civil war under occupation but the city managed to come out on top and stronger and more glorious than before.    When the city entered along with the rest of Dercia into the Imperial age, and as a result of the efforts of the emperors and empresses, the city developed a rich cultural life and a strong tradition of magic with the Royal Academy of magic being located there.


Many races call Pearlhal their home, while humans, elves and half-elves are the most common races to be found in the city races such a Tabaxis among others can be found here. 
  • Humans 41%
  • Elves 29%
  • Half-elves 12%
  • others 18%
As the capital of a major empire, Pearlhal is also a favoured place of residence for the wealthy and it's not uncommon for those among the nobility that can afford it to have a house in the city as well, to be close to the seat of power and such.


Pearlhal is ruled by a council of 11 with the Emperor as the leader or a representative for the Emperor.   Law & Order: the city watch is the local police force in the town, its duties outside of capturing criminals it also gave directions to people, or called for medical and priestly aid when needed, in general, the duties of the watch was the promote the idea that Pearlhal was a city open to all as long as they knew how to behave themselves. When the city watch had caught someone they would be taken to one of the judge offices spread around the city where they could either be sentenced or if the case was deemed worthy appeal their case to the council.


Pearlhal is in a unique position in the Empire since no armed forces are allowed in the city except for the Imperial Guard because it acts as both the Vanguard during a battle as well as the personal protection of the royal family. even if there is no military on the inside of the city, that does not mean that the city is defenceless because on the landward side it is protected by strong walls with forts surrounding the city containing the legionaries tasked with protecting the city and on the seaward side the imperial navy patrolled the sea outside the city. the navy is stationed in a naval base just 10 km further west from Pearlhal.   Since the city has grown much over the last century, a large part of the population now lives outside its walls and there have been talks about building a new ring of walls around the outside neighbourhoods.

Industry & Trade

Imports Grain, livestock, leather, ore, timber, and exotic goods from other lands   Exports Ale, arms, cloth, fish, furnishings, leather goods, pottery, refined metals, and all other sorts of finished goods


Pearlhal is known for its broad and busy streets and boulevards. Its heavy traffic, and a constant during the day and most of the night, it is monitored by a specialized branch of the City Watch known as Wardens.   Hire-coaches are two-wheeled, two-seat carriages that could be called and dispatched to specific locations. Hire-coach drivers roam the city streets in search of passengers, who can call a free coach with a shout. Fares are agreed upon in advance, rarely exceeding 4 Farthing.   Carriages are luxury vehicles that could accommodate up to 8 passengers comfortably, they are commonly used by the nobility or wealthy citizens. Prices vary, but usually, the carriages and their respective personnel were hired for an entire day or more if agreed upon.

Guilds and Factions

Trade guilds   Wagon-makers' and Coach Builders' Guild   The Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, and Finesmiths   The Jewelers' Guild   The adventure guilds


For as long as people can remember, there has always been a settlement in the area but it's in the last 1000 or so years that the city began to grow to the size and importance it has now. And as the capital city of a growing kingdom, the city began to attract lots of new settlers and therefore almost grew faster than new houses could be built.


Pearlhal doesn't have an industry centred around tourism, the city does get its fair share of visitors that arrives from all over the empire to get a view of the buildings and to experience life in the eternal city.


Pearlhal is a coastal city, archaeological excavations around the city and surroundings have revealed that there has been continuous occupation of the area for several thousand years. Unlike most of the northern cities, Pearlhal enjoys a deep water harbour that helped the economy when the city began to transform into what it is today. in the centre of the city, where there is a small hill the imperial palace is placed.

Natural Resources

It is believed that the city got its name from a large number of pearls in the bay outside the city.
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The Pearl or the Eternal city
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