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Imperial University

The Imperial University is believed to be one of if not the oldest institution of learning in western Mirateia and even before Pearlhal gained its empire the place was already well known as a place where the learning was worthy of a statesman.  

Teaching and degrees

Teaching at the university is centred around groups of 5 students and their teacher and during a normal day, the students will discuss their homework with the other members of their group.   The schoolyear of the university is split into three parts with the two major sections being called the king and queens term, during these terms the students will be at the university and live in their dorms with the 3rd term being the vacation term where the students are allowed to travel back to their families for vacation or take up apprenticeships to help further their studies.  

Scholarships and financial support

While most of the students' thanks to their noble and or upper-class social standing do not need a scholarship or financial support the university does offer up a handful of seats for applicants from the lower classes and these can if accepted into the university apply for some of the financial support offered thanks to donations.  


While the university is mainly financed by donation from nobles who have either attended the university or hopes that their son or daughter will be accepted into it, the university does get most of its financial support directly from the crown with Prince Osril the son of the emperor having a seat at the administration.   In a way, the Imperial university is a public university in that it receives support from the state, but in theory, it could choose to reject the funds and become an entirely private founded university although doing so would strip it of many of the bonuses it has from being supported by the crown.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Imperial University is to educate the future leaders of the empire on everything from how to run a state to the economy.
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