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Prince Osril

Prince Osril Emilian Astalles

Prince Osril is the second child to Emperor Malthin II and for the longest time, he has been jealous of his older sister for being the heir to the throne believing that he would be a better choice. Due to several reasons, the publicly known one is that due to a disagreement between him and his father, Osril was sent to govern the Castmia Province that at the time was mostly a medium-income province when it came to the question of tax.  

Early childhood

Osril was born in the Royal Palace of Dercia and would grow up developing an interest in the history of the Ancient Empire. He was given a tutor at an early age when he showed an early talent for writing and reading.

Teenage years

In his teenage years, Osril began the mandatory weapons training that all members of the imperial family would go through. Osril showed great talent when it came to jousting and tactics related to the cavalry.   It was during his late teenage years that he began developing jealousy of his sister, Crown Princess Ira and that she was to be the ruler of the Empire of Dercia.   When he was given the governance of Castmia Province Osril left the Royal Palace with a small entourage consisting of members of his faction at court and it was from his castle that he would begin to build and expand his power base.   Currently he is visiting Pearlhal as well as participating in his families travel roundtrip along the northern coast.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Unlike his sister's prince Osril does not enjoy physical training as much, while he does not enjoy it he does maintain a tight training schedule when it comes to jousting and riding.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Prince Osril believes he would be a better future ruler for the empire than Ira, he thinks that because Ira is known to complain about and try and avoid participating in the meetings about the day-to-day running of the empire that she is not fit for ruling it one day.   But many of the servants surrounding the royal family believe that while he believes that he has a fair reason, in the end, it's just pure jealousy aimed toward his older sister.    
How can my father believe Ira would be better suited for monarch than me, its outrageous, she dont even want to participate in the meetings
                                                                                               - Prince Osril to one of his councilers.


Prince Osril would just like his sisters receive some of the best education the empire could offer and he would, later on, attend the Imperial University where he would finish 3rd in his class.   Just like other royals, he would receive a substantial amount of military training both in the use of different weapons but also in tactics and strategy.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In the short period, he has been in control of Castmia province he has managed to turn it into a prosperous region, with growing trade, and a growing industry mainly in the shape of metalwork.   Prince Osril is also known as an accomplished hunter and has several heads from animals he has hunted mounted on the walls around his castle in Hanum.

Personality Characteristics


Since he was young, Osril has strived to be the best and earn his place in the sun and no longer be confined to the shadow of Ira as he believes he is in.



Prince Osril has been governing the Castmia Province since he was 17, as his father thought that it would make Osril focus on governing the province and not conspire against his sister.

Family Ties

Father: Emperor Malthin II    Mother:Amelessa Ruxmer    Older sister: Crown Princess Ira    Little sister: Princess Eza

Hobbies & Pets

Prince Osril owns several animals but his personal horse is said to be his favourite.


Wealth & Financial state

Due to the increase in wealth in his province, Osril has gathered a significant amount of wealth, both official and unofficial from skimming the top of the tax being sent to Pearlhal.
Crest of a prince To show his dedication to his new province, Prince Osril adopted the crest for the province as his own.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of the Castmia Province
Date of Birth
23rd of Fira
Year of Birth
1266 IC 19 Years old
Current Residence
Short black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly tanned
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Dercian , Common and Elvish   Able to read the scripts from the late Ancient Empire
Ruled Locations


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