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Princess Eza

Princess Eza Astalles (a.k.a. Ez)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Eza tends to spend a lot of time on herself, she is agile and has a great sense of balance that she uses to hide from the palace guards.

Identifying Characteristics

Her older sister has said that one way to find Eza in a crowd is to listen to her sneeze that her sister has described as the cutest thing she has ever heard.

Physical quirks

Related to her sneeze, Eza will after her sneeze wrinkle her nose.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Eza was born in one of the forts surrounding Pearlhal, the capital of the Empire of Dercia. She would spend most of her early childhood running around the halls in the Royal Palace of Dercia and play hide and seek mostly with her siblings and in particular her older sister Ira.   Her father Emperor Malthin II was and is as the emperor a very busy man so it didn't leave much time for playtime with his kids but he did care for them so whenever it was possible for him he would have either all 3 kids or one of them with him in his office sitting on his lap or otherwise entertaining themself and he would ask about their day and such.   When she turned 15 the second stage of her education started, during this stage she would be trained in the art of war and other topics like history. For her military training, Eza had chosen the cavalry since she has always had an interest and connection to horses.   Her mother Amelessa Ruxmer would along with her normal studies also train Eza in shotting a bow and as with much of what Eza finds interesting and entertaining she soon excelled in this love for horses and the skills with the bow have lead her to when she is old enough to create a Mounted archery section within the cavalry, a thing that until Eza creates it doesn't exist in the Imperial Dercian army.


Eza has finished the first part of her education focusing mostly on administration and history and has now entered the stage where her education is supplied with military history and training.

Morality & Philosophy

Just like her big sister, Eza cares for the people underneath her on the social ladder and when she has the chance she will volunteer for work and have convinced her father many times to sponsor games for the poor and less fortunate inhabitants of the capital and surrounding area.   While she deeply cares for the people in the city there is one group underneath her that she loves messing with and that's the palace guards where she will tease them and hide from them, she will mostly do this with new members of the guard until they get wise to her tricks.


Contacts & Relations

She has an interesting relationship with the Palace guards who she teases and such but those times when she carries it too far and has to seek allies that are not members of either the palace guard or her family she will hide out the storm among the Imperial Guard where she can be safe from the palace guard.

Family Ties

Father: Emperor Malthin II   Mother: Amelessa Ruxmer   little brother: Prince Osril    Older sister: Crown Princess Ira

Social Aptitude

Eza tends to be very outgoing and she has a tremendous amount of charisma and confidence when out among the public this has led her to be one of the favourites of the royal family amount the public in Pearlhal.


When Eza gets excited she tends to speak very fast almost to the point where those near her have to tell her to calm down a bit for them to be able to catch any meaning of what she is saying.


Generally speaks with a similar voice as her older sister Ira with a soft gentle voice.


Wealth & Financial state

When Eza turns 16 she will be given access to a fund consisting of 100 gold each month which she can use for her entertainment.
Chaotic good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Princess.   "Little commander" is a nickname some members of the Imperial guard have started to call her.
Date of Birth
23rd of Athyer
Current Residence
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slight tan
Aligned Organization
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