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Crown Princess Ira

Crown Princess Ira Astalles (a.k.a. Ria)

You had barely met me and yet you were willing to just hang out and talk about things, you just treated me as a normal person, and you are funny to be around”
  Crown Princess Ira is the heir to the Dercian empire.     Ira grew up in the Royal palace, where she spent most of her childhood. Not being allowed outside other than at special events like the Celebration of the Ancestors . The result of being locked up in the palace and Ira having a drive for exploring and learning new things created a person with a strong drive to rebel and maybe not always following what is expected of the future empress of Dercia. In the later years she have begun taking a bigger responsibility in the rule of Dercia by helping her father, and while she have calmed down a bit and does follow the rules a bit more than in her younger years, she have in the last few years begun to sneak out of the palace under the name of Ria. Walking around the capital dressed as a commoner. When sneaking around she would ask how the people were doing and that way bring ideas on how the council could improve the life of the people, other times she would participate in underground fight tournaments. It was during one of her trips around the capital where she would meet Azran at an inn, their fate would be intertwined from then on, as they would run into each other another time in the city and later on would learn each other's secret identity.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Are in arguably better shape and fitness than her bodyguards.

Body Features

She is of a slender but strong build.

Facial Features

Ira have silver white hair, red eyes and her ears ends in a sharper point than a normal human.

Identifying Characteristics

Her red eyes combined with her white hair is very rare in Dercia and Mirateia as a whole.

Physical quirks

Raised eyebrow when confused

Apparel & Accessories

When she is at the Palace she tends to wear loose clothing and usally in red or blue colours.   When out amoung the people in Pearlhal she usally have some lether armor that can work as both normal clothing and at the same time offer some protection in a fight.

Mental characteristics


She was tutored by some of the best teachers the empire could offer, later on she would attend the University of magic where she would learn about Illusion magic.


As the heir to the empire Ira spends a lot of time helping her father in running the empire, she often represents her father the emperor in the council of Pearlhal.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Since she began taking part in the ruling of Pearlhal as a representative for the royal family she have introduced some laws and removed others to make the life better for the citizens of the city and as a whole the empire, but at the same time as Ria she have won several tournaments in fighting rings around the capital

Failures & Embarrassments

Politically she have had a few setbacks and embarrassments when she was just getting started, and under her covername she have lost a few high end tournaments.

Personality Characteristics


Want to see the world before settling down

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good with martial arts.

Likes & Dislikes

  • + being up early
  • + martial training
  • + history
  • + ale
  • + Azran
  • - animal blood
  • - long meetings


Family Ties

Father: Malthin   Mother: Amelessa    little brother: Osril   Little sister: Eza

Religious Views

Is a follower of Selûne


Generally speaks with a soft/gentle voice



friend (Important)

Towards Crown Princess Ira




Crown Princess Ira

friend (Vital)

Towards Azran





Ira met Azran in the Kingsway Inn and when the bar fight broke out she came to sit at his table, he had a table that was not affected by the fight, they talked and she became interessted in Azran and every time after that she would try and find him every time she went to town.

Nicknames & Petnames

Calls Azran for "dumb human" when he teases her.

Relationship Reasoning

Ira is extremely fond of Azran, she feels like he is one of if not the only one who treats her as a normal being and not the heir to the empire of Derica.

Chaotic good
Current Location
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Full moon
Biological Sex
Silver white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Come on Azran trust me" "Dumb human"
Aligned Organization
Related Myths
Known Languages
Common and Elvish

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Cover image: Crown Princess Ira by Guillaume ROBERT
Character Portrait image: by Guillaume ROBERT


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