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Kingsway Inn

The Kingsway or the Kingsway Inn as it was officially called, is one of the waterholes in Pearlhal that the armed forces of the empire would frequent because of its placement on one of the larger streets in the city that lead out to one of the city gates. The road would lead out to where the Pearlhal garrisons were located and it was also close enough to the harbour where the sailors from the navy would come that they would talk to the inn.   Among the general population, the Kingsway Inn is known as a place where those who liked to sit and enjoy a cold ale would never dream of being because of the combination of legionaries of the army and the sailors from the navy and if the mixture of those two groups would be equal in numbers the risk of a bar brawl would only get higher.

Purpose / Function

During its entire existence, it has been an Inn, but it was during the decade of 5 emperors between 1145-1155 when the inn became a favoured place for the armed forces


Around the 9th century in an attempt to attract a more wealthy clientele the owner at the time, brought the building next to the Inn and extended the inn with a new wing with some larger and finer rooms, this would turn out to be a success and bring in a lot of wealth for the owners and this would continue until the decade of 5 emperors between 1145 and 1155.


It's in an older part of Pearlhal, so the building is of an older style with wooden beams mixed with grey stones.


between its construction in 786 and sometime in the 9th century the inn enjoyed a relatively peaceful period and after the expansion in the 9th century and until 1147 the Inn would enjoy what generally called its golden age where it enjoyed a more well-paying clientele.
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