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The Pun and Bun

1: yes I know the grammar is terrible.
The Pun and Bun tavern is one of the finer taverns in Pearlhal its located on the Mainstreet running from the gates of the city to the gates of the Royal Palace of Dercia only 15 minutes walk from the palace gate.   The tavern is commonly used by diplomates and low ranking nobles that don't have the high enough standing or connections that would make it possible for them to stay inside the palace and therefore the tavern offers some of the best quality accommodations while also being near enough to the palace.  

The owner & Staff

The owner, Sine Oster is a half-elf with chopped, wavy grey hair that is shaved on the right side and have a sharp but ordinary face, she inherited the tavern from her father when he passed away and she is married to Erodh Oster who when he is not helping his wife at the tavern runs a brewery outside the city.   Sine has 4 staff members that help her with the running of the tavern
  • Derge is a young boy that tends to the stable next to the tavern, he often talks about wanting to join an adventuring party when he gets older
  • Ayleth Fenwick is a young girl that helps the visitors of the tavern to their room and will bring them their dinner and such.
  • Ulric Hillless, the cook for the tavern, doesn't talk much, some say he is mute others say he doesn't like talking with people but people do agree that he makes some of the best-roasted lambs on this side of the wall.
  • Kari is a handyman of the tavern and makes sure that the building is in the best condition possible.


  • Baked Scallop and Gooseberry Tart, Glass of Mead (1 sp)
  • Roasted Lamb and Poached Eggs, Glass of Cider (1 sp)
  • Steamed Grouse and Hazelnut Bread, Glass of Rum (3 sp)
  • Baked Veal and Currant Pie, Glass of Gin (4 sp)
  • Dried Sausage and Peas, Tankard of Mead (12 cp)
  • Roasted Pork and Dried Cabbage, Glass of Rum (4 sp)
  • Roasted Trout and Blue Cheese, Glass of Wine (2 sp)
  • Roasted Dragonfish and Cherry Pie, Glass of Rum (4 sp)
The Roasted Lamb and Poached Eggs option is among the favorite of the patrons.

The Tavern Tales

A tavern such as The Pun and Bun has many rumours going around it and its patrons like it's said that Lady Bille who once stayed at the tavern was once an adventurer that found a long lost magic scroll and gained her fortune by selling it.   One of the stories that the tavern do try and keep down is that during The Decade of 5 Emperors the pretender queen Cedana Astalles stayed at the tavern during an undercover mission into the capital.


The tavern is a large building consisting of half-timbered walls that are painted in the colours that are common in Pearlhal as to make them look like the red-painted marble of the state buildings, and it has a small backyard with a garden, the inside of the tavern is decorated with fine tapestries that hang on the walls.    The accommodations of the tavern consist of several small and a few large rooms with beds and woollen mattresses.


The history behind the name for the tavern is not as excited or exotic as visitors might expect when they ask about it, as Sine will tell them, the story goes that when her family brought the building it was already a tavern but the previous owner had left it to ruin and the only thing from the old place that could be reused was the sign hanging over the door saying "The Pun and Bun" so her family decided to keep the name and over time it turned into the place it is today and the name stuck.
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