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Royal Garden

The Royal Garden is the garden attaced to the Royal Palace of Dercia located in Pearlhal and is a favored place for the royal family to relax and unwind after a long day in the office.    The garden was established around the same time as Pearlhal and functioned as a gathering place for the senate long before the senate building was built.    During the time of the kingdom, the garden became a private place for the royal family and it was here that the transformation into the local paradise that it has become today.    The latest addition to the garden comes from Danhold hometown of empress Amelessa Ruxmer who when she married Emperor Malthin II brought some of the local flowers from her home with her and this addition have made the gardens one of Amelessas favorite places to spend her time.


A relatively flat area with a few raised areas with small pavilions or small waterfalls is located.    The garden itself is divided up into two large areas divided by a raised walkway, on the one side flora mostly from Dercia but also some of the islands nearby can be found here, on the other side flora from the rest of Mirateia can be found, this side is subdivided into different nations.

Fauna & Flora

In the Royal Garden flora from all over Mirateia have been collected over the many centuries of its existence.  

Natural Resources

Over the years a few fruit trees have been planted in the garden so that fresh fruit could be gathered.


The garden started as the gathering place for the first kings of Pearlhal and when the kings were ousted from Pearlhal and the republic were created the senate would gather here.   And as the village grew into a town and then into a city the place gained both in size and importance, it was here that some of the first peace deals were signed with the surrounding cities.     Later on, when the kings returned the place became the garden for the royal family, but it would still be used as a meeting place for when important people required a private audience of the emperor.
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Cover image: Royal Garden at Prague Castle by Bohumir Roubalik


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