On the Elval island lies Danhold, an ancient city, acting as the gate to the Emerald archipelago and a resting place for the ships going either north or further south into the archipelago.   When the lordship over Danhold that was at that time just a small fishing village was given to the The Ruxmer Dynasty They saw that the harbour would be expanded and the family would use some of their connections with other noble houses to make Danhold into an attractive place to do trade.   As time went on, more and more people of all kinds began to move to Danhold, creating an atmosphere full of music, spices and a myriad of different languages and dialects from all over Mirateia.   During and after the time of the Ancient Empire fall the city was able to maintain a safe place for merchants and this is largely why it didn't fade into a forgotten place like it was before the Ruxmers.


The population of Danhold from all over Mirateia, many of the races have a presence in the town, many of them only temporary, but of those who live here permanently there is Elves, humans, dwarves and others, there is also a rather large number of Tabaxis in the city and on the island in general.


Danhold is currently ruled by Evon Ruxmer and to help he have a council of citizens.


Danhold is surrounded by a city wall.   the city itself maintains a fleet of patrol ships to protect the local trade and city from attack by pirates or worse... And with the city itself, it has a regiment of light city guards that guards the wall with the second regiment of heavy legionaries from Pearlhal, they were back in the days "gifted" to the city as a symbol of the alliance between the two cities.

Industry & Trade

Thanks to its large deep harbour, the city is able to prosper.
A large part of the population works in places where they take the imported goods and turn them into fine goods that can then be traded back to the merchant ships.
Important imports: fine metals, diamonds and weapons   Important exports: jewellery, fur and ships.   Danhold is famous for its shipbuilding industry.


The city has several marketplaces spread around the city, some of them specialized into certain things like weapons/armour mostly aimed for those adventures who want to go into the interior of the island to explore some of the ancient ruins hidden in the forests.   But most markets are more all-around with what they trade with.

Guilds and Factions

The Jewelers' Guild   several┬áTrade guilds


Several admirals of the imperial Dercian navy have been from here.   the current empress Amelessa Ruxmer is born here.

Natural Resources

Huge forests, large open fields of argriculture.
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